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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday Briefs #14 The Hollow: Soul Seekers

Copyright 2014  JC Wallace
Each week a group of authors participate weekly in Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. Each installment is 500-1000 words long and is posted to our blogs each week. After you read the latest in my story, click on the link at the end to visit the other flashers.

Levi spent the remainder of the day playing with his new phone, and receiving dozens of texts from Gia expressing unabashed jealousy over Levi’s new toy and making sure he kept up on the gossip, which Levi could have cared less about. When Gia’s last text mentioned Noah, Levi ignored her.

True to his word, Logan sent a text complete with a picture of him with his girlfriend, Melissa. Levi couldn’t glean where the photo had been taken, but Levi was certain it wasn’t anywhere Logan truly wanted to be. Night and Day was how Levi described Logan and Melissa despite that, they appeared to care deeply for one another.

Levi dragged his laptop across the bed and logged into his Facebook account, which he rarely checked. The last time had been over a week ago. Besides Gia, there weren’t many other people Levi considered true friends. Compared to others on the social network, his friends list bordered on the pathetic, filled mostly with relatives. Some friends on his list were people from his college classes. A few were from Plattsburgh, including Professor Winston who’d taught Levi’s philosophy class. For some reason, they’d clicked and kept in touch on Facebook since Levi had abandoned college for the safety of home. She’d been trying to get Levi to come to Plattsburgh to visit but he’d declined each time. For the most part, Levi had accepted many of the friend requests, being nice.  Now, the small red box with the white number “one” at the top of the screen made him wonder who he’d be friending out of nicety this time.

Clicking on the red box, Noah Macy’s small face beamed back at him from the request. Fuck! He let out a moan and threw his head back onto the pillow. Why was this guy’s name constantly invading his life? Gia must have put him up to it. Levi bit down on his lip and tapped his finger against the keyboard. What harm could come from friending the man who’d saved him from freezing to death? Gia had been prepared to offer up his phone number to Noah. This act might serve to silence the subject with Gia, giving enough time for all of the hoopla to die down.

Two choices—“Accept” or “Not Now”. Tentatively, he pointed the white arrow to Accept. Just do it. With a press of his thumb the request was accepted“friends” with Noah Macy. No big deal right? But if it wasn’t then what was with the nagging intuition that Noah was about to complicate his life?

Probably a premonition because Noah showed up at Levi’s house that night.


Chapter 8

Nothing. Not a twinge, or a skip of the heart, or an inkling of the warm lust Levi had experienced yesterday as he’d gazed up at Noah from that gurney. As he assessed Noah sitting on the couch across from him, he studied the contours of his cheeks, the shape of his lips and tried to recreate that perfect moment in the hospital. Nothing. Both relief and remorse struggled to be recognized.

Earlier, Levi had been relatively pain free and comfortable in his bed. Reluctantly, he’d moved to the couch in the living room after his father announcement that Noah would arrive at six P.M. No amount of arguing or excuses got Levi off that hook. The question of the day? How did Noah get an invitation to his house and from his father no less? Impossible, Levi had thought, yet there was Noah sitting across from where Levi laid propped up on pillows. Noah’s wavy auburn hair had been pulled neatly into a ponytail. None of those pesky, errant waves from yesterday were visible. In his button-up, blue shirt, khakis and leather loafers, he’d come dressed to impress.

Levi’s father had monopolized most of the conversation so far which took the pressure off Levi, however, Noah kept insisting on dragging Levi in. After a play-by-play of the events after Levi had stumbled to the cabin, Noah went on to explain why he’d been there in the first place. To Levi’s surprise, Noah was an Adirondack guide, as well as a college student and caretaker for the owner of the cabin, some big lawyer from Albany. Most weekends, Noah guided fishermen, hunters, hikersanyone who wanted the mountain experiencethrough the Adirondack Mountains. During the week, he attended classes and kept up the cabin. A bonus, he added, was his unlimited use of the cabin since the owner only visited the area a few times a year. Noah had flashed Levi a wide grin with that last bit of info as if that would impress Levi.

Levi’s mother stepped into the living room, asking Noah for like the tenth time if he wanted anything. Again, his answer was no. Apparently, he wasn’t getting that saying ‘yes’ would have saved him from her incessant hospitality.  Unfortunately, his mother’s mission this time wasn’t to serve as much as to drag his father from the living room.

Great, alone with Noah.

Unease filled Levi’s gut. Noah may have saved him, but now Levi felt as if he owed Noah something and he didn’t like the feeling. Small talk was not Levi’s forte. Any kind of talking at all was something he tended to avoid. What would a normal person say in this situation?

Noah relaxed on the couch, his arm resting across the back. Levi could swear there was a nervousness underlying his cool fa├žade.

Silence rarely bothered Levi, in fact, most of the time, it was his saving grace but he chose to break it first.

“I’m not sure if I said it at the hospital”Levi could have said anything given the drugged state he’d been in“and…well, I just want to thank you for helping me out yesterday.” He breathed a sigh of relief. He’d spoken and lived to tell about it.

Noah sat forward on the sofa and propped his elbows on his knees. His face brightened and a gleam flashed in his eye. His smile was a bit too wide. “No problem. Kind of a freaky day, huh?”

The understatement of the century. “Yeah, I guess.” So, Levi had said thanks and now wanted to know when to expect Noah’s departure.

When Noah sat back on the couch, getting comfortable again, Levi feared it was going to be a long haul.

“So, exactly how did you end up here, at my house, tonight?” The question sounded ruder aloud than it had in Levi’s head.

Before Levi could retract it, Noah answered. “Your father called me. He actually knows my mom. He surveyed some land for her a couple of years ago. Your Dad said he appreciated what I’d done for you and then asked me to visit.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Probably more like getting the story straight from the horse’s mouth. The fact that his father trusted a stranger more than he trusted Levi was a sickening kick in the stomach.

“So how’re the ribs doing? That was a nasty bruise. I can only imagine what it looks like today.”

Levi’s cheeks heated at the memory of Noah lifting his sweater yesterday. It increased his unease ten-fold. “I haven’t taken off the wrap that the doctor put on. He said not to remove it for a couple of days. Something about keeping the swelling down. Really, I have no desire to see it.”

Time to leave, right?

 “You’re lucky you only broke a rib. At that distance, you could have been knocked out.”

The enormity of the distance he’d fallen hadn’t hit Levi until Noah had driven the motor boat from the camp. When Levi had pointed out the massive stone ledge, Noah had shook his head in disbelief and questioned how Levi had walked away with only a broken rib.

“Yup. I’m the lucky one all right.” Levi moaned silently. A dental visit would have been less painful than this conversation, but how did he end it without being totally impolite. Then, as if on cue, Logan walked into the living room, Melissa following close behind.

My hero!

Levi introduced them to Noah. Logan vigorously shook Noah’s hand, showing his appreciation.

“Hey, thanks for taking care of Crash here for us. We just never know what he’ll do next,” Logan said, winking at Levi.

Levi glared at Logan and crossed his arms.

“Logan, don’t pick on Levi. How’re you feeling?” Melissa asked, flopping onto a chair with a magazine she’d been carrying (no doubt some kind of girly shit.)

Levi knew he liked her for a reason. “Good.”

Noah chuckled with an impish smirk. “Crash?”

“Logan, you’re gonna get it,” Levi murmured but first he had to remove himself as the focus of the conversation. “Hey, Logan. Noah’s an Adirondack guide.”

That statement not only removed the focus from Levi, but also saved him from further conversation with Noah. By eight o’clock, Levi’s ribs pulsed as the pain meds wore off.  Levi excused himself for the comfort of his bed. 

Logan assisted Levi off the couch. Climbing the stairs was a slow process, his ribs pained with each lift of his right leg. Relief came in the form of pain meds and the escape of sleep.

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

It's All Fun and Games! Rainbow Con!

Welcome Rainbow Con to the blog today! (P.S. I am registered to be there!)

Education is all well and good, but sometimes, you just want to have fun. We've tried to work that into the schedule at RainbowCon 2015. We have card games, gameshows, and singing scattered throughout each day for attendees who just want to spend some time relaxing (or maybe winning prizes!) with friends. There are some fandom favorites like Lord of the Rings Trivia and Doctor Who Trivia where attendees can test their knowledge and win prizes. We have gameshows like Whose Line (modeled after the wonderful Whose Line Is It Anyway?) and Name That Movie (where attendees guess what movie is being talked about). There are also fun card games (many adult oriented) like Cards Against Humanity, Top2Bottom, and That's So Gay! that are quick and fun to play.   And, due to its popularity in 2014, we've brought back Euphemism BINGO, and it's brought along Kink BINGO and Book Title BINGO (all games where awesome prizes can be won). We even have a classic, Memory, reinvented for RainbowCon as QUILTBAG Memory where you can test your memory by matching pairs of of cards after only a glimpse.   This is only a small taste of all the fun things we have in store for attendees. Prizes and laughter can be had when you show up to one of these events. Sometimes, you just need a break from the panels and seriousness of workshops, and our games give you just that.  

  RainbowCon is a four day QUILTBAG-centric event for anyone and everyone. If you love QUILTBAG fiction and media, then this is the place for you. You don't have identify as GLBTQ to attend! You just need to love and support the GLBTQ community. In 2015, we've expanded our programming to include not only content for writers and readers, but also anyone who loves QUILTBAG television, movies, comic books, educational, and fandom topics. We're an inclusive conference, and we want everyone to enjoy themselves. Check out our schedule to see all the fun we have in store for you!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Wednesday Briefs #13 The Hollow: Soul Seekers

Copyright JC Wallace 2014
Each week a group of authors participate weekly in Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. Each installment is 500-1000 words long and is posted to our blogs each week. After you read the latest in my story, click on the link at the end to visit the other flashers.
Levi managed to avoid further interactions with his mother and father for the night. Sleeping with a broken rib was harder than it sounded. When his ringing phone startled him from a dead sleep, Levi was surprised to see the sunlight filling his room. He snatched up the phone and pulled the covers over his head. Gia screamed at him through the other end. Even with the phone six inches from his ear, Levi heard her loud and clear.
“Levi! What the hell happened? You’re in class one minute and then gone the next. Then I find out you fell into the goddamned lake and broke your rib? And I have to find out from Noah Macy that he brought you to the hospital?”
“I’m fine,” Levi grumbled. Noah was quite the blabbermouth wasn’t he? Levi rubbed his head. It was way too early for this.
“Now spill all of the details and leave nothing out.”
Levi knew if he didn’t spill something juicy that Gia would be at his bedside within twenty minutes. He gave her a story about a panic attack, the unplanned trip to the lake, tripping over his own feet, falling into the lake, cell phone and all and a heroic rescue by Noah. Hopefully, that would satisfy her but apparently she was hoping for a more exciting explanation.
“Are you sure you weren’t at the lake hit it Noah but the hot and steamy love-making burned with such intensity that your only saving grace was to jump into the freezing lake?”
Close with the reason for jumping into the lake but not the cause.  “Wait. What?” Levi exclaimed, crawling out from beneath his blanket cocoon. “ ‘Hit it’ with Noah as in hit that with Noah? Noah Macy?” Maybe she was as crazy as Levi was.
“No, I mean punch him in the friggin’ face. Duh.” She did sarcasm so well.
Levi rubbed at his eyes. Was he still asleep. “Noah’s not even gay!”
“Ugh! Do you even live on the same plane as the rest of us? Jesus Christ, Levi, last week at lunch Noah stopped and talked to us. When he left, I told you he had his foot out of the closet.”
Levi remembered something about Noah and a closet, but he hadn’t thought Gia had been talking about that kind of closet. “Gia, when you tell me a hot, sports jock like Noah Macy has stepped up to bat for my team, and my jaw doesn’t scrape the floor and my eyes bug out of my head, then you can be fucking sure I’m not listening no matter what plane I’m currently visiting!”
So, Levi hadn’t been wrong about the signals. Could be interesting if he was still hopped up on endorphins, but thinking of Noah Macy did nothing for at all.
“You are the worst gay person I know,” Gia huffed.
Sub-par at everything else, so why not the gay part as well.
“When you just shrugged your shoulders I thought you weren’t interested because, well, you’re never interested,” she grumbled.
But fucking lonely.
Shit, where had that come from.
“So just a foot out of the closet? How does that work?” Either in or out right? Who knew there were shades of being in or out of the closet?
“Again. Worst. Gay. Person. Ever,” Gia said emphatically, but Levi could hear that underlying warmth few people got from her. “It means he’s told a few people he trusts, but he isn’t advertising. I think he told me because you and I are friends.”
“But why would he...oh.” Levi realized his stupidity. Shit, had “pretty boy” been a compliment?  That so wasn’t important right then. “Wait, how does he even know that I’m gay?” It wasn’t anything Levi had ever advertised.
“I don’t know. Maybe because you’ve never been out with a girl.”
“I’ve never been out with a guy,” Levi retorted.
“Sweetie, what that screams to most people is a guy in the closet.”
Technically, Levi was in the closet since he knew he was gay, hadn’t told anyone, and didn’t hook up or date. Therefore, there hadn’t been a reason to tell anyone. He couldn’t get into the dating/relationship part since you needed emotions for that.
 “Only you, Gia.”
“A girl can have hope for her best friend, right? So speaking of hope, Noah asked me for your cell phone number but…”
“Don’t you dare give him my home phone number! I don’t need a stalker.”
“Hell, Levi, when a sweet piece of meat like Noah Macy asks for your number you rent a billboard to make sure he knows it. My God, he saved your life and all.”
“Whatever. And now I’m going to do something I promised myself long ago I’d never do in a million years because your Italian ego is big enough for ten people. I agree with what you said. I’m not interested in Noah Macy.”
“While I revel in your coming to your senses and agreeing that I’m always right, I don’t want to be right about this.” A long silence and Levi wondered if she’d hung up. Wouldn’t be the first time she’d been pissed enough to hit the “end” button. When she spoke again, her tone was uncharacteristically and scarily soft for Gia. “Sometimes I really worry about you Levi.” And he knew she did.
Get in line. “Really, I’m fine. And I never said you were always right. Just this time.”
“Your delusions are your own. Whatever about Noah,” Gia said but Levi knew it was far from over with her where Noah was concerned.
Levi ended their call assuring Gia that it was pointless to visit him, giving the excuse that the pain meds made him tired. Today, Levi was hiding from the world.
A short while later, there was a soft knock at his door. He sighed heavily. If only the world would leave him alone. “Yeah?”
“Levi, I…Levi? Where are you?”
Levi signed and threw the covers off his head. “Right here, Mom,” he said, really wishing he were anywhere but there.
His mother frowned. “What’re you doing under the covers?”
“Nothing much.” Just hiding.
“How’re you feeling? Is the pain bad?” His mother bent over and picked up some dirty clothes.
“Just when I breathe,” Levi muttered, pulling some stray hairs off his black shirt.
“I’m sure you’ll be good as new in no time,” his mother sang in her usual upbeat tone.
If there was one thing Maggie Reed was good at, it was painting the ugliness of the world with sunshine.
She turned abruptly to face Levi. “But you are to stay in that bed until then,” she warned in her “motherly tone.”
Levi snorted but wouldn’t argue. Would a month be pushing it?
His mother disappeared into the bathroom still muttering something about having to go somewhere with someone today. As long as she didn’t bother him then Levi didn’t care if his mother went to the moon.
Emerging from the bathroom, cradling a pile of dirty towels, she continued as if Levi had been listening all along. “You know Logan is very worried about you.” His mother’s statement was so matter-of-fact that Levi had almost missed it. 
“Logan? Really?” Levi chuckled to himself. “Logan is worried” was Mom’s code word for “I’m worried.”
Averting her gaze, Levi’s mother continued. “Of course he is. Especially this whole business of you stopping your medication.”
The air hung thick and heavy. Levi knew he could end this quickly. “Well, I’m sure Logan is no longer worried since he watched me take my meds last night. He actually handed them to me,” he emphasized.
His mother’s mouth dropped open a bit then closed. “Really. He didn’t tell me that,” she said, shaking off her surprise. “Well, I’m sure he’s relieved that you took it.”
Levi nodded. “Yup, he’s the one who’s relieved.”
His mother surveyed the room unable to find anything more to tidy. “Your father is at work. Logan had to run an errand and said he would check in on you later. Need anything before I leave?”
Where should I start?
“I’m good,” Levi assured her, grateful the house would be empty soon.
Levi pulled the covers back over his head as his mother vacated the room. Sleep would have been a sweet escape, but the throbbing in his side and another knock on his door wouldn’t allow it.
“Mom, I still don’t need anything,” Levi yelled.
 “Hiding under the blankets won’t block Supermom’s powers.”
Peeking from under the covers, Levi found Logan leaning against the doorjamb, smirking. He was dressed in his usual uniform – flannel shirt, white t-shirt, jeans minus the hiking boots (because their mother wasn’t that upset anymore) and his Giants cap
 “Not even if it’s made of kryptonite?” Levi asked, wincing as he struggled to sit up.
“Not even kryptonite can stop Supermom.”
Logan stayed in the doorway. Levi surmised the distance was due to Logan’s uneasiness after the events of the previous night – and not to mention the night before that as well.
“Mom said you had to run an errand? What about work?”
Logan rarely took a day off but occasionally it happened.
Logan raised his eyebrows. “Day off so I thought I’d run out and pick up a little something for my little bro, Crash.” Logan was enjoying the resurrection of Levi’s nickname way too much.
“And what exactly dragged you out of the warmth of your bed on one of your rare days off?” Levi’s interest was definitely piqued.
Logan pulled a white plastic bag from behind his back and then, with a grin even the Cheshire cat would envy, tossed it onto the bed beside Levi.
Levi opened the small bag, pulling out a box. He glanced at Logan still looming in the doorway, the same satisfied grin still on his face.
“An iPhone? Are you serious?”
“Just try not to get this one wet…or drop it in the driveway.”
“But how did you get Mom and Dad to...” Levi bit on the inside of his cheek. “They don’t know, do they?”
Logan pursed his lips and shifted his shoulders, folding his arms across his chest. “No, and they don’t need to know another “Levi phone” bit the dust. Just consider it an early birthday present— and Christmas, Easter, Hanukah. You know all of the major ones.”
Knowing how expensive the phone was, Levi’s elation died a little. Yes, he’d wanted an iPhone for over a year, no, he hadn’t been able to save the money, and yes, here was one in his hands, and, no, he couldn’t keep it. Logan’s sanity in this house was holding on by tiny frayed threads. He’d been saving to move out. This phone must have taken a chunk of his savings.
Logan shook his head. “Jeez, I’d imagined a tad more excitement. I mean, every other word out of your mouth for the past year has been iPhone.”
Excitement couldn’t begin to cover how the phone felt in his hands and he didn’t want to appear ungrateful. “It’s just…I mean, I love it, really I do but…it’s too expensive. You need the money to move.”
Logan lifted an eyebrow and a quizzical expression crossed his face as if he hadn’t expected that reaction.
“Anxious to get rid of me?” he mused.
“You know I didn’t mean that.” No, Levi never wanted him to leave, ever.
“Enough arguing.” Logan raised his hands and shook his head. “It’s all set up with your number. Of course, yours truly is already in the contacts because, hey, I’m awesome,” he proclaimed with a cocky grin. “Just turn it on and it’s all set. I’ve only got about twenty minutes before I have to meet Melissa so we can spend some “quality time” together.” He half moaned, adding the air quotes, and rolling his eyes deeply. “I’ll check in later. May even send you a text.”
Before he could beat a hasty retreat Levi said, “Thanks, Logan.”
Logan bowed slightly and was gone. Then the house was oddly silent.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wednesday Briefs #12 The Hollow: Soul Seekers

Copyright   JC Wallace  2014
Each week a group of authors participate weekly in Wednesday Briefs Flash Fiction. Each installment is 500-1000 words long and is posted to our blogs each week. After you read the latest in my story, click on the link at the end to visit the other flashers.
Freeze frames of self-imposed methods of death flashed before Levi’s eyesa gunshot, slitting his wrists, electrocution, jumping from something high, overdose.


“What would ever make you think I hate you?” Logan asked, his voice a bit shaky. “Just take some deep breaths and calm down. It’s not that bad.” 

It was that bad, worse than an atomic bomb, a tsunami, a hurricaneany moment he would be swept away into oblivion or disintegrate into a pile of dust.

Levi released Logan and jumped up from the chair. The black bag his sole focus. Within it, salvation from a world of suffering. Sweet release.

Pulling out a bottle of meds, Levi worked at the child safety cap. He had to open it. Swallowing all of them was the only thing that could save him.

Logan plucked the bottle from his hand. “I’ll open it.”

Levi reached out for the lorazepam prescribed to halt his panic attacks, intent on swallowing every last pill. “Just give it to me,” he cried, trying to grab at the bottle, but he crumpled onto the bed in pain.

Deep inside a scream reverberated. I can’t take this anymore!

Logan held his palm out with two tiny pills.

More. He needed so many more.

“Levi, take these now,” Logan commanded.

Levi grabbed the quick acting pills and they dissolved under his tongue. “I need more,” he cried frantically. “Give me the rest of them, please, Logan. Please!”

Logan frowned looking at the dosage again. “It says to take two.”

“I need more,” he cried.

Logan paled a bit then steeled his expression and said, “No.” He pushed the bottle into his front pocket. He stared down at Levi who continued to sob and seemed unsure what to do. “I’m going to get you some clean clothes.”

Levi wrapped his arms around his head. The intense anguish, distress, sorrow were slowly fading and morphing, replaced with grief, mild aching, and melancholy.

Logan returned to the bed with fresh clothes. Levi’s sobs faded into small gasps. His eyes burned, ribs ached, the bone crushing pressure now a small headache. Most importantly the imprudent plot to end his life was gone, the hollow once again empty.

Logan knelt on one knee before Levi. “Feeling better?” His tone was tenuous.

No, I was going to hurt myself and I don’t even know why. But he couldn’t tell him that. He nodded. Logan’s expression was neutral, but the fear was evident in his eyes, as if unsure of what Levi would do next. Levi felt the same way. His life had taken a U-turn, from out of control to fucking crazy.

“Levi, what just happened?” Logan asked, never afraid to ask the hard questions of Levi.

Too bad Levi didn’t have any answers. First, the crushing pain at school followed by the euphoria that had burned so hot that he’d propelled himself into a lake, and now, again that terrible pressure in his head and then a gut-wrenching despair worthy of ending his own life. What if Logan hadn’t been there?

What if…

Logan continued. “I mean, Levi, I can’t remember ever seeing you cry...well, except when you hurt yourself or when Nana died, but other than that...” He shrugged his shoulders seemingly at a loss.

What could he tell Logan? The craziness of the entire dayLogan deserved the truth, honorable Logan, who’d never let Levi down. How could Levi tell Logan that his mind was crashing and would soon take Levi with it? Would he become a drooling shell, slumped over in a chair, unable to move, communicate, trapped in a hell designed just for him or would he just explode like a dying star and fill the the air with his molecules?  Doubts were beginning to surface that stopping his medications were the cause. Actually, there had been periods of time when he had gone without certain medications. Dr. Ross had called them “medication holidays.” It had been only a few times in the last ten years and he couldn’t remember why. Even during those times, which may have been as long as two weeks, nothing this had happened like this. Ever.

Levi licked at his dry lips and told a bold-faced lie. “A headache. I think they said something about a concussion at the hospital. I think it was the standing.” Yeah, that sounded good. “I thought my head was going to explode.” Right, because he only cried from pain. So easy to lie when you were in the middle of a break with reality.

Logan tilted his head. Blank and expressionless, Levi couldn’t tell if Logan had bought his lie as well as Levi himself had. Logan’s eyes softened but not before an incredulous look flashed at Levi. “You should talk to Mom. Maybe see your therapist again. I know going away to school and having to come home was hard on you. And you know you can talk to me too.” The earnest look on Logan’s was mixed with an underlying sadness. Levi couldn’t blame him for worrying. Levi was worried himself.

“I know. Maybe, if things don’t get better soon...” He didn’t want to promise Logan anything he wasn’t going to do.

Logan spared him from having to go on. “Do you want me to help you get changed?”

Levi wrinkled up his nose. “Fuck no! My own brother? Get out!” He forced a smile, hoping to bring levity to the anything-but-funny situation.

“I thought the same thing after I said it,” Logan chuckled slightly, exaggerating a shudder.

Logan’s smile quickly faded and Levi could tell he wanted to say something more. Questions were forming, doubts layering.

“I really meant it when I said I was sorry foryou know everything,” Levi said.

“That’s what big brothers are for.”

Levi highly doubted they were made to put up with all his of nonsense.

“Get some sleep, Crash. I’m right in the next room if you need anything.”

Logan really meant it, but Levi also knew he wouldn’t be bothering Logan, no matter what.

Logan started for the door then swung around. “Oh, I forgot, Gia called for you. She was freaked out by your exit from class. She said that she called your cell about a hundred times and it went straight to voice mail. You should call her back or at least text her.”

Levi sighed heavily. “Unfortunately, my phone sleeps with the fishes.”

Logan laughed out loud. “You dropped your phone in the lake, too?”

More like chucked it. “Unfortunately.”

“That really sucks,” Logan said apparently trying to sound less than amused.

“Yeah, since that was my second phone since November. Dad is going to kill me especially after what happened to my last phone. I will be phoneless for the foreseeable future.”

Logan rubbed at his stubbled jaw. “So, what’s worse? Dropping your phone in the lake or dropping it in the driveway where Dad runs it over?”

Levi already knew the answer to that one.

“The Dad one most definitely,” Logan answered for Levi, his eyes reflecting the light from the ceiling.

“Goodnight Crash,” Logan said again, giving a wave as he shut his door.

Levi smiled but it was short lived. He was going to miss Logan the most when he lost his sanity. Luckily, he’d avoided questions about what exactly had happened at the lake. Unfortunately, that avoidance had been his near suicide attempt.
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