Sunday, June 15, 2014

Claire Thompson Visits with a Preview and a Giveaway!!

Today the blog welcomes Clarie Thompson (yeah!!). Get to know her and then leave a comment to win a free ebook!

What genre do you write in?

I write BDSM romance and non-con abduction tales, from both the m/f and m/m perspective. My love affair is with all things D/s (Dominance/submission).  I’ve been writing for nearly two decades. My work began as a romantic exploration of the BDSM life style, and then veered somewhat to the darker side of fantasy. I love delving into the dark psyche of a twisted mind, and gaining insight into what might motivate such a person to do what they do. I don’t create all black and white villains and heroes, but rather strive to develop real, complex and flawed human beings. I don't want to simply provide an erotic thrill or evocative description. I seek not only to tell a story, but to come to grips with, and ultimately exalt in the true beauty and spirituality of a loving exchange of power. My darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately my work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing all my life, since keeping my first journals in junior high. I have been writing professionally for nearly two decades, and have published over 70 novels. For the past five years, I have taken my work indie, and created my own publishing imprint, Romance Unbound. Initially it was a steep learning curve, gathering the team I needed for success, including topnotch editors, web designer and cover artist, learning to make file extensions that met or exceeded distribution guidelines, and managing my own publicity and marketing. I love the independence and the total artistic and creative control over every aspect of my work, from the title, the cover, the topic, the release date and where I sell my work. It’s been a wild ride, but I’ve never looked back.

What is your latest release?

Coming in mid-June 2014

My very soon to be released newest novel is called The Inner Room. It’s a m/f BDSM romance with a bit of edginess. Here is the blurb:

 The Inner Room – where submissive dreams become reality

Dr. Marissa Roberts takes charge and saves lives by day, but spends lonely nights embracing fantasies of erotic submission. When a friend encourages her to explore her submissive longings, Marissa agrees to an evaluation to become a member of an exclusive local BDSM club. With that act, a door is opened to Marissa, and her long-standing fantasies may just become reality.   
Cam Wilder, a nurse at the same hospital as Marissa and an experienced Dominant in his private life, has no idea the prospective slave girl he will assess in The Inner Room of The Power Exchange will be his reserved co-worker. Sparks of desire ignite into flames of passion as Cam recognizes in Marissa the heart of a true submissive yearning for freedom, and she sees in him a Master who speaks directly to her soul.

Their potential BDSM paradise is threatened by the unwanted attention of an arrogant bastard who refuses to take no for an answer. His secret surveillance and devious plans lead to terrifying results that threaten to destroy not only Marissa and Cam’s careers, but the bonds of trust and love they’ve forged together as Master and sub girl.

Click here for a sneak preview: Inner Room Excerpts

The Inner Room will be for sale at all the usual distribution outlets (Amazon, B&N, ARE, Kobo, Smashwords), but if you wish to my support my indie efforts, please go to my direct publishing site: RomanceUnbound. Sign up for an account, and use the promo code: GrandOpen to save 20% off the purchase price of your entire first order!

 As a token of my appreciation to your readers for indulging me and reading this all the way through, I would like to give away a free ebook download (winner’s choice from my catalog) to someone who leaves a comment on this blog entry. Winner to be chosen by JC.

 Thanks for having me as a guest. I love to connect with readers, and will answer all emails personally and promptly. You can connect with me on my website, the RU publishing site, and my blog, FB account and twitter. Links below!


Best, Claire






  1. Hi Claire, I enjoyed your post and the sneak preview of your latest book. I have read many of your books both M/M, M/M/M and M/F. Switch and Handyman are a couple of my favorites. Your comment "Ultimately my work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience." is a perfect description of your books. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I really enjoyed Dare to Love Forever!!

  3. Hi Claire,
    I have read many of your books and love the emotion you put into them. I look forward to many more of your delightful books.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. book sounds great ...would love to read it

  5. I've read many of your books and they were all great. Please consider me for the giveaway.

  6. The book is actually out early! Just released this weekend! Here is the buy link: , and anyone here today can use the code: GrandOpen to save 20% off your first order! it's also available for sale at all the usual spots (Amazon, Nook, ARE, smash words) but I'd appreciate if you get it a Romance Unbound, my indie site, and you'll save 20%.

  7. And thanks so much to everyone for commenting. And thank you, JC, for this guest appearance. JC will appear on my blog next week! We will keep you posted.

  8. I love to read your M/M BDSM books.
    Switch and The Contract are my favourites.

  9. Wow, what a great interview. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with BDSM and how you got involved in writing these stories. I love a well written D/s story, and seek out those books that have character depth and well developed story lines. This is a new series to me and I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on this one! Thank you for your generous contest. The excerpt was awesome too! :D

  10. Wow. The interview was awesome and the blurb for this book is shooting it to one of my top TBR books.

  11. Great interview! I realized that I have read one of your books before. I really enjoyed it. May have to go bad and read the rest now.

  12. Thanks to every who commented! I really appreciate it, and thanks to JC for letting me post here. It was fun. Now, to the winner...And the winner for this blog posting is.....drum roll...Carly Rose! Please contact me at to coordinate delivery of your free ebook!